After having many medical checks I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia.  Along with taking the iron pills I decided to consult Claire about diet and also see if iridology could give me any extra bits of info about my health.  Claire performed the iris examination and concluded that I needed to focus on my digestive health in order to optimise my absorption of nutrients.  She designed a programme and after 2 months I now feel confident that this combination of iron and improved absorption is helping to make a difference.


I couldn’t get to the bottom of my sleep problems.  Every night I struggled to get off to sleep and then when I finally did I would get an hour if I was lucky before waking up again.  I had tried many self help techniques but nothing seemed to help.  All medical tests had been clear.  Out of desperation I decided to try iridology which a friend had suggested.  In one session Claire highlighted that my nervous system needed to be calmed in order to help me to relax and switch off.  She also told me that I was deficient in a number of vital minerals.  She saw signs in the iris that told her this and promptly advised me to take specific calming supplements, make some dietary changes to correct mineral balance and adopt some relaxation exercises before bed.  So far so good.  I am dropping off to sleep more quickly and managing 6 or sometimes even 7 hours of unbroken sleep.  As a result I have more energy and have much clearer focus and apparently according to the hubby I am moaning at him a lot less!!


I didn’t have anything in particular wrong but just fancied finding out more about iridology.  Claire revealed that I had a little too much acidity in the body and that my organs of elimination could do with a boost especially the skin.  She explained the benefits of having the correct acid alkaline balance in the body and outlined why the skins ability to function properly was so important. She suggested some dietary improvements and also looked at the aspects of my life that may be reducing the skins ability to eliminate.  It seemed that some of the ‘wonder’ beauty products that I had been paying a fortune for over the years may not be doing me any favours after all!  I have put Claire’s suggestions into practice as although I have no health issues I could see the sense in what she advised and I am a great believer in preventative treatments.  All in all iridology was an interesting and educational experience.  I have a great interest in natural approaches to staying healthy and iridology helped to pin point some important areas to focus on.  I shall return to Claire in the future to see if the changes that I have made have improved the problems that she discovered.