I consulted Claire due to problems with chronic irritable bowel syndrome. All other serious medical conditions had been ruled out luckily but the symptoms were still very distressing and severely limited the quality of my life stopping me from doing many of the things I used to enjoy and eroding my confidence to at times even leave the house. Claire assessed my condition taking careful note of my symptoms and my eating habits. She suggested a few simple changes and a couple of natural supplements and after just a few days my system settled down and the symptoms disappeared. I now feel in complete control to maintain my health and can’t thank Claire enough for guiding me when I was in a state of near despair. I feel I have my old pre IBS life back again now!!

I made an appointment with Claire as I was always feeling tired. Blood tests from the doctor had shown me to be fit and healthy but although I was pleased that nothing untoward was occurring it didn’t really help to improve the way that I felt. Claire went through my diet which she admitted was extremely healthy and we worked on getting the balance of proteins and carbs correct at meals and snacks and also adjusting the timing of meals to suit my hectic lifestyle. Not only have I now got much more energy but the mood swings and minor irritating digestive niggles that used to bother me are a thing of the past. These results made me realise that although I considered that I ate very healthily it was Claire’s professional knowledge that helped me to fine tune my diet to give me what I needed to feel well.
Mary Anne

As a complete junk food addict I contacted Claire for some advice. Middle age had brought about a rather substantial bulge around the middle, borderline diabetes and slightly higher than desirable cholesterol. The years of bad eating had finally taken its toll! Claire sensed that she wasn’t going to convert me to a saintly health food nibbler overnight but with her expert help and gentle but firm encouragement over the months I have certainly progressed towards a more balanced approach to eating. With a few inches off the waistline I hope to continue to progress and reap the benefits of my new eating habits in the future.

Thanks Claire for helping little Jack with his distressing eczema. It’s been weeks now since we have experienced a scratchy sleepless night. Your comprehensive advice gave me the courage to alter his diet without worrying that he may be missing out on essential nutrients. Your help was invaluable.
Chloe, mother of 3 year old Jack

Thanks Claire for your help with my unpleasant hot flushes, I didn’t realise how big a part diet could play in relieving them. I was doing all the wrong things… daily!!  Thanks also for your useful advice on preventing osteoporosis. I will put all your helpful tips into practice.

Well Claire thanks! After 2 months on your diet and the supplements that you suggested I am virtually free from joint pain and even my osteopath has noticed an improvement. Hope to go back to yoga and rejoin the ramblers when the weather improves!!

I have had ME for years. I use many different therapies to help and consulted Claire to see if nutritional therapy had anything to offer. She did a comprehensive assessment of my nutrient status and advised on a course of dietary adjustments and a small number of nutritional supplements to complement this. I have been following this programme now for a month and am starting to feel some positive changes… less anxiety on waking, improved energy throughout the day and also improved mood. Thanks I will definitely keep going.

I went to see Claire as I needed to lose weight. The usual approaches of slimming clubs and following ‘wonder diets’ in books had failed over the years and consulting a nutritional therapist was really a last hope for me to gain some control over my weight issues which over the years had been spiraling out of control. Over a number of months we gradually worked on getting the balance right in my diet. I became comfortable with eating healthier choices, correct portion sizes and got to know the factors that triggered my cravings and emotionally driven binges. Now 6 months down the line weight loss has been a steady 1½ – 2 lbs a week and I feel much more in control. All very positive!! Thanks Claire.