Scientific testing with a holistic approach!

Along with her standard nutritional therapy practice Claire also has access to a wide range of diagnostic testing working in conjunction with a specialised laboratory.

Where a client has more specific needs or wants an in depth diagnosis these tests are often invaluable. They may help to pin point the exact nature of the client’s problem and enable an efficient treatment programme to be tailored to their individual needs.

Some examples of the types of testing available are given below.


Comprehensive Parasitology Test

Testing for parasites, pathogenic bacteria, yeast overgrowth e.g. candida albicans and inflammation. Also looks at the levels of beneficial bacteria.

May be useful for:

History of allergies/intolerances, auto immune diseases, digestive problems, M.E., those who have a history of travel to foreign countries or have taken numerous courses of antibiotics or where a Candida overgrowth is suspected. 

Stool sample required.


Adrenal Stress Test

Measures levels of the adrenal hormones DHEA and Cortisol.

Gives a picture of adrenal function.

May be useful for:

M.E., insomnia, stress related health problems. Those who have experienced a lot of stress or suffered from a debilitating long term illness. Monitoring health of adrenals after long term steroids and also during menopause.

Saliva sample required.


Food Allergy/Intolerance Testing

A blood testing method for monitoring food sensitivities and allergies.

Looks for the lgE and lgG reactions for a number of popular foods.

May be useful for:

Digestive and joint problems, low energy, headaches, sinusitis and similar problems … the list goes on as many health issues may be related to food allergy or intolerance.

Blood sample required. 


Female Hormone Profiles

A range of tests looking closely at the balance of various female hormones

May be useful for:

Cases of PMT, hormone related problems, menopause.

Male hormone profile also available.

Saliva sample required. 


Thyroid Profile 

A comprehensive thyroid test looking at a full range of thyroid markers.

May be useful for:

Anyone who suspects an imbalance of the thyroid. Symptoms such as weight gain/loss, dry skin, headaches, joint pains, constipation, low energy and anxiety may all relate to a thyroid imbalance

Blood sample required.


Hair Mineral Analysis

Testing for the presence of heavy metals and the balance of nutrient minerals 

May be useful for:

Those who suspect heavy metal toxicity.

Those with memory issues, joint related issues, headaches, insomnia, M.E.

Hair sample required.