You are what you eat!

There has never been a more truthful saying.

Many common health problems are influenced by what we eat. Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances caused by poor food choices, nutritionally deficient foods, chaotic eating habits or simply not choosing the correct foods for YOUR NEEDS can have a dramatic effect on health and contribute to many of today’s ills.

Nutritional therapy focuses on the treatment of health problems using specially designed dietary and supplement programmes.

It may help a wide range of health issues and is suitable for any age.

It can stand alone as a therapy or work well alongside other natural therapies or conventional approaches.

Nutritional therapy acknowledges that … ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’
Each programme is therefore designed to suit the needs of the individual, recognizing that every person’s requirements are unique.

Unlike the latest nutrition best seller or the current trendy wonder diet nutritional therapy programmes are designed especially for YOU.

Nutritional therapy will always seek to address the root cause of a problem rather than merely treating the list of symptoms. In doing this it may successfully bring about a lasting state of improved health. Unlike many other treatments which have to be repeated regularly to maintain a level of improvement nutritional therapy enables you to take control of your health situation and make long lasting changes which over time may lead to the freedom from your illness.

Nutritional therapy focuses on the following important and fundamental issues.

Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances

These develop over years and are believed, by nutritional therapists, to be the underlying factor behind many types of illness.  For a body to function disease free it needs to be in a state of optimum nutritional balance.  A nutritional therapist will use numerous questionnaires and practical tests to assess an individual’s nutritional status. Imbalances will be corrected using a combination of dietary improvements and nutritional supplements.

Toxic accumulations

An over toxic body will fail to function at an optimum level and as a result health will deteriorate. Over time poor nutrition combined with environmental toxicity will result in the organs of elimination becoming over burdened and unable to rid the body of unwanted wastes. As this progresses energy levels will decrease and the body will become more and more overburdened with toxicity.

By reducing the toxic load on the body with a specially designed dietary programme and boosting the organs of elimination using supplements and various additional cleansing methods the body will gradually return to a state of equilibrium and be able to function more efficiently.

Wrong food choices

Certain foods are known to aggravate or in some cases even cause health problems. On a more positive note there are many foods that have a therapeutic or medicinal effect on the body helping to treat and prevent health problems.

A nutritional therapist is trained to recognise which foods can help and also hinder certain health issues and whilst also considering a person’s individual needs can design an appropriate dietary programme to suit.

Whatever your particular health problem …

Whatever your age …

Whether you simply want to get relief from some annoying symptoms, get to the bottom of a short or long term health issue or purely want to prevent the onset of illness …

Take the first step towards taking control of your health and choose nutritional therapy.


“Let food be thy medicine”  –  Hippocrates


Nutritional Fruit Bowl


Claire’s interest in nutrition was sparked back in the late 1980’s after visiting a Nutritional Therapist and experiencing the positive effect that dietary changes had on her own joint and digestive problems.

Following this she chose to train as a Nutritional Therapist in order to help others to achieve the same positive health benefits that she herself had experienced.