Reflexology helped me during my second pregnancy. After suffering from constipation, acid reflux, extreme fatigue and swollen ankles during my first pregnancy I was keen to try to avoid a repeat of this situation with pregnancy number two. I read an article on the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy and decided to give it a go. Claire was very caring and the treatment really helped so that this time I was virtually symptom free and everything ran smoothly. I would definitely go for reflexology again if I had the need.


I see Claire for reflexology every fortnight. I have a very demanding job working long hours with lots of deadlines to meet and presentations to give. Over the years my ability to cope with stress has reduced a little, possibly due to age and the dreaded hormones!! Reflexology just seems to balance my body and mind generally helping me to get through my days in a confident and relaxed manner. I would recommend anyone with a high stress lifestyle to try some reflexology sessions.


I had reflexology at a holiday spa and really enjoyed it.  When I was struck down with a bout of chronic sinusitis I decided to give it another go.  Claire’s treatments are much deeper than the one I had on holiday and they really seem to get to the areas of the body that need help.  My sinuses cleared after treatment two and have stayed clear for a whole winter season.  Claire is very knowledgeable and although I didn’t see her for a nutrition appointment she gave me a few tips on what to avoid to help my sinus problems.  Claire is brilliant.


When my wife suggested reflexology I freaked out a little bit.  The thought of someone twiddling my toes and massaging my feet went way above my head… it sounded totally weird!!  I had recently been diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure.  The GP had suggested that I tried to do more exercise and relax more.  All my other tests had been fine so she was giving me a chance to improve my lifestyle before the dreaded prescription pad came out of the desk drawer!.  After much protesting I did see Claire for reflexology.  Amazing, I am now totally hooked.  The feelings of relaxation and the improved sense of well being that I get from my monthly treatments are hard to get my head round.  All I can say is that it works!!  My blood pressure is normal again now too.  Thanks Claire!     


Thanks Claire for helping with my pmt.  Life is so much more bearable now without the bloating, cravings and mood swings.  My family are relieved too.  Apparently I am much nicer to be around now.


I was struggling to lose weight despite a strict eating regime and sessions with a personal trainer.  Claire explained how reflexology could help to improve the overall functioning of the body so I thought that it was worth a try as a means of boosting my metabolism a little and assisting with my weight loss efforts.  Something is working!  Now 4 sessions down and 8 pounds lighter.  And I feel great too.


I have struggled with ME and IBS for years.  Reflexology is really helping to control my symptoms.  Claire is lovely, very knowledgeable and understanding.  Sometimes she shortens my treatments or is a bit more gentle if I am having an off day.  I would say to any fellow sufferers don’t be afraid, just give it a go!  I had daily panic attacks and it was a big thing to try something new but I am so glad that I took the leap.  Thank you Claire!